GFQ International Employment Bureau has been in market since 1989 and excelling.

GFQ has unmatched experience and widespread capabilities across all industries and business functions. We cooperate with clients to provide them with most suitable job they want.

Both parties Employers and Employees use our services to get their needs fulfilled. Our clients are mostly from the two markets Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Employers from Saudi Arabia and Employees from Pakistan. Both are pleased with our services. GFQ has built a strong professional relationship with both side clients for plenty of years.

An employment bureau or agency normally do two tasks to finds employment or jobs for job seekers and to provide Waqala Services to the job seekers, in this case job seekers themselves find the employers and ask them to send work visa on a licensed company like GFQ International in Pakistan.

GFQ has provided an excellent example in market and has been providing workers to its clients in Saudi Arab since 1989.

We received different demands from time to time from Arab Countries as well from Libya. GFQ has a registered employment company is Libya as well.

Some dealing Countries:
Saudi Arabia