Pay Low, Fly High . . .

Pay Low! Flight High! Is our ticketing services motto. Meaning to offer tickets at the rate as customer is glad so he can feel fly high.

Buying an airline ticket is not easy matter to go through. Your time matters and more then that your money matters.

Sometimes your time does match the flights that are available and sometime the airline does not care about your “precious” time. You want to go on Friday and they say we can not, our flight will go on Sunday, and some times flight is on Friday and your sweet holidays got wasted. And we all know how the money matters make us a soccer boll, we got kicks from all sides.

In the market Travel Agents offer their services and expertise when one needs to go via airline. Types of services varies with the human nature, some will offer you flower and some will cut you nicely that your heart will be so proud that you have got that cut.

GFQ International is in the market for more then two decades now, offering services. Employment Services, Hajj and Umrah Services and Ticketing Services etc.

Ticketing is the matter we are masters in, from domestic to any corner of the planet. Our professional and hardworking staff works dedicatedly.

Saudi Airline, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airline, Gulf Airline, Qatar Airline, Turkish Airline, Pakistan International Airline, Shaheen Airline, Airblue choose as you wish and our staff will handle the rest of it.

Feel free to contact anytime.

How to perform Umrah InshaAllah! [Summary]

Blessed are those whom Allah call to His home… BaituAllah, where rain of blessings always shower upon the pilgrims and planes of Makkatul Mukarrama. And when then pilgrims visit the masjid of Prophet of Mercy [Salle wa Sallam wa Rahmah] they get more even.

Nodoubt Allah forgive the mistakes of misunderstandings but still one either man or woman should know how The Guider The Prophet [salle wa ssallam wa rahmah] performed Umrah and his companions [raziAllaho anhum].

Performing Umrah is not a challenging job, it consists of just a few tasks in Masjide AlHaram and around it.

If we leave aside the matter of traveling from different parts and sides of the globe and discuss directly about the method and practice of Umrah, there only few matters but two are main matters that should be fulfilled i.e. Tawaaf and Sa’ee of Safaa and Marwah. It is a matter of hours and not a day even.

First of all one who wish to perform the holy pratice of Umrah has to wear “Ihraam” and particular dress that consists of only two white pieces of clothes for men but women can wear any dress but it must be simple and sober, and it must cover the whole body of women except face, hands and feet. And Ihraam should be worn at particular place while going towards Masjid AlHaraam.

Secondly after reaching Masjid AlHaraam pilgrim will have to perform “Tawaaf” i.e. 7 rounds around BaituAllah (The home of Allah The Creator of everything).

Thirdly the pilgrim has to perform Sa’ee i.e. 7 rounds of two small mountains near BaituAllah. It should be started from Safaa and ends at Marwah.

Fourthly the pilgrim will have to shave his head after Sa’ee. Shaving head is for men while women can cut a piece of their hair from the end.

May Allah bless us and call us to His blessed home. Aameen

Allahuma salle al Sayyidena wa Maulaana Muhammadin wa baarik wa ssallam wa rahmah wa ala aalehi.

GFQ Umrah Services

Umrah is one of the most holy journeys that Muslims eagerly want to make all their life again and again. What one sees with the open eyes is a person travel to Saudi Arabia and perform some obligatory rituals but what one does not see is the change that occurs
inside a person.

GFQ international has been offering Holy Umrah services in Pakistan for more then a decade now. Rana AbdulGhafoor Khan is the owner and leader of all the teams working in three major cities of Pakistan.

Currently there are three working offices Head Office in Islamabad and two Sub Offices in Lahore and Gujranawla.

GFQ International is an IATA agency and member of Travel Agents Association of Pakistan [TAAP].


Being an IATA, GFQ International has its direct contract with Saudi Shirka. GFQ is proudly offering its own accommodation services in Harmain Shareefain ie Holy AlMakkah and Holy AlMadinah.

Also we have our own hospitable staff at hotels to accommodate Umrah pilgrims.To keep in view the facility of Pakistani pilgrims we have urdu speaking staff at both Makkah and Madina Hotels.

So feel free to contact at our any of the offices.

GFQ Hajj Services

GFQ International has been dealing Hajj since 2006.

Our goal is to satisfy our pilgrims to their core. From the very first level to returning back home we cooperate to the maximum.

We prepare our respected customers for the Holy Hajj journey in all aspects physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.

We offer different packages, mainly “Economy Package”. We offer full 40 days package with hotels and meals in AlMakkah and AlMedinah.

One of our fine services is that every year our respected Managing Directore Rana AbdulGhafoor Khan accompany pilgrims during Hajj to make sure that they get all the services they are promised to get.

GFQ International (Pvt.) Ltd.

GFQ International (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the golden companies those started in the earlier years. It was established in 1989. GFQ International was established and registered in Islamabad, Pakistan.

GFQ International is serving as under:

:: GFQ International Employment Bureau.
:: GFQ International Hajj and Umrah Services.
:: GFQ International Travel and Tour Services.
:: GFQ International Construction Services.

GFQ is IATA and deal airline ticketing like it should be done. We entertain Travel agents and other direct client to their satisfaction.

Since it has been established, GFQ is dealing work visa under the flag of GFQ International Employment Bureau. After several years of fine services GFQ started Hajj and Umrah services in 1998. GFQ started its own Hajj services in 2006.

GFQ offers different packages to meet the demands of customers. From normal economy packages to star packages i.e. 3, 4, and 5 star packages.

GFQ also offer exceptional Hajj Package at the time of Hajj in an Islamic year. A balanced package with maximum facilities.

There are bundle of companies in Pakistan dealing Hajj, Umrah and employment, but finding sincere and honest deals is the matter that everybody is worried about. We suggest all those respectable customers willing to go for Hajj or Umrah to visit us. We are sure you will be our permanent customers InshaAllah.